Q & A – Currently My Most Asked Questions…

September 4, 2023

“What made you become Hailey/start this journey?”

I think more important than what made me start this career is what keeps me in it now. Being Hailey has been something that’s grown with me, while allowing and helping me grow as a person. The ability to meet people, and have experiences I likely wouldn’t have if I didn’t enter this world, and the fact that it allows me to fund and have the time to enjoy all my passions.

“Favourite activities to do at work (or outside of it)?”

While I could type forever in detail about the things I enjoy doing, my two favourites really end up within two categories; anything surrounding food (dinners, wine tastings, cooking classes, etc) and the arts (plays, musicals, opera, ballet, museums, etc). Additional bonus points for sports, or things that get me out in nature.

Can I see you with short notice/last minute notice?”

I do have a full life outside of being Hailey and like to schedule my weeks in advance. If we are already acquainted and if I have time I am happy to take a short notice date. If we haven’t met yet, I prefer pre-booking as it ensure that I have time to verify screening information and things like that.

If I have last minute availability for more than those I know, I do have a separate mailing list for this. Please just reach out and let me know you would like to be added.

“What are your current goals within being Hailey?”

My goals have remained mostly the same for the last few years. Generally it is to set myself up for an easy financial future, more in depth currently is (hopefully soon) buying property.

As I’ve finished my school for my civvie career my main goal is to get that business up and running, and increase its profits allowing me to diversify my income while still having time to continue being Hailey for the near future.

“What helps make a date special or one to remember?”

While I could say it is about what we do, or how long we spend together it isn’t always (though getting to know each other over an activity or meal is always wonderful and can go a long way). Coming with a relaxing energy and mind instead of a “laundry list” of things you want to accomplish will make the experience much better for yourself, and for me.

“What is your policy on reaching out in-between dates?”

This can vary on how often we meet, or how many times we’ve met. If we have an active ongoing relationship I am always happy to have contact in-between dates, as long as its respectful of my time.

If we haven’t met yet I limit the conversation to booking related matters, and of course non booking emails can take longer for me to get through so I appreciate not being double-emailed if you haven’t heard back.

“Will you tour Vancouver, Montreal, somewhere else? “

I am currently not touring other than Ottawa, and those tours only happen when I am in town for personal reasons limiting my availability.

I am now able to visit most areas in the GTA (depending on booking length, parking availability and subject to an additional travel fee).

“Do you have any plans to move back to Ottawa?”

By far my most asked questions, and no. While I’m currently loving travelling back and forth to Ottawa, I don’t see moving back in my future.

I do tour Ottawa on occasion and have a mailing list for this on my site.

“I can’t screen/send a deposit. How do I see you without it?”

You don’t. You’re welcome to have your own boundaries for booking companions but those do not dictate or alter mine. Please save us both the time and simply contact someone whose booking methods match your comforts as I have not, and will never make an exception when it comes to my safety.

xox Hailey

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