Time to Begin Our Love Affair

Now that I’ve caught your eye, let’s explore the details that can make our time together into something truly special, with memories to last a lifetime.  I believe in celebrating every moment, and love to express that in the way I dress. Day-to-day you’ll most likely find me in something timeless, as I adore dressing up and believe being over dressed is always a safe bet. Even though I do not take requests for my outerwear, worry not as I am always dressed appropriately for any situation we may find ourselves entangled in.

While I pride myself on my ability to adapt to almost all situations, I have a soft spot for the thoughtfulness that goes into a date planned in advance. Because of this, I ask you try and plan a minimum of 48 hours prior so I have enough time to prepare and ensure our calendars have the best chances to align. If you’re unfamiliar with Toronto, or simply looking to try somewhere new you can browse some of my dream date ideas that are guaranteed to impress me under the date ideas button below.

A lady should never have to ask, so I request that you please leave my consideration in a book in plain or an unsealed envelope sight at the beginning of our date, if we are meeting in public please keep discretion in mind when handling this matter or we can discuss e-payments in advance. Any monetary contribution is for my time, and my time only.


Before our time begins, let’s talk about a few housekeeping matters; I request that all dates four or more hours include time in a social setting, such as a meal or theatre performance–view my date packages for suggestions if you’re looking for some of my favourites. If public outings are not possible for you please email me and we can make arrangements or activities inside the restraints of my incall, subject to my consideration.


For overnights and longer I appreciate a full 7 hours of sleep or personal time during the evening, and consideration if I need to briefly handle personal matters during our time together.

  • 1 hour $800

    For those who are short on time. As I value mental intimacy as much as physical, this time is not recommended for new friends.

  • 1.5 hours $1000

    This is my recommended minimum for first time friends.

  • 2 hours $1200

    Time for two, great for those who are on a lunch break looking for a quick tryst.

  • 3 hours $1600

    Intimacy times three, I recommend adding the concierge service to this booking if we are planning to stay in for something to indulge in.

  • 4 hours $2000

    The dream dinner date. Let's indulge all of our senses with a delicious meal, paired with the perfect dessert.

  • 5 hours $2500

    For the individual who loves longing looks and a little more time.

  • 8 hours $3500

    Let's spend the day together, exploring our favourite places and romanticizing every moment.

  • Overnights $4500

    For the individual who appreciates a night in learning all the dirty details of each other. Bonus points for truffle fries in bed while we are encompassed in the newest blockbuster hits--up to 14 hours.

  • 24 hours $6000+

    Bespoke rate- beginning at $6,000. One to write home about, enough time to enjoy ourselves fully.

  • 48 hours $10000+

    Bespoke rate- beginning at $10,000. A weekend getaway for those who crave a little more extravagance.

  • 72 hours $13000+

    Bespoke rate- beginning at $13,000. An extended weekend, enough time to be spent wrapped in bedsheets and exploring new places.

  • + 24 hours $3000+

à la carte

  • In Date Extension $600/hr

    If you can't get enough, add an extra hour or two. Subject to my availability.

  • Concierge Service +$150

    Let me take care of the details. I'll plan charcuterie and cheese for us, paired with wine. Please don't hesitate to let me know any preferences or allergies you have.

  • "Fly Me To You" Bookings 50% Deposit

    For FMTY dates, all travel expenses and accommodations are to be paid by you in advance. I also require a 50% deposit prior to meeting, as well as business or first class airfare and a minimum 4* hotel for our time together.

There is something wonderful to say about those who are comfortable letting a woman lead. Whether you are looking to impress by joining me at one of my favourites or looking to try somewhere new to both of us, these are some of my favourites mixed in with a few new experiences I want to try.

For all in date activities, expenses are to be paid by you. If you would like me to handle the details, this can be arranged with pre-payment of the previously mentioned expenses. For cooking dates, the minimum add on is ‘concierge service’ but going above and beyond is appreciated.

An ever-changing list of places that have caught my eye, and will have me day-dreaming of our rendezvous together. If you’re looking for an additional treat for one of these dates, find my wishlist below.

Lunch Date
3 hour minimum

Do you find yourself longing for an afternoon tryst complete with company?
Because I do, and I have the perfect places to go.

Dinner Date
4 hour minimum

There's no greater pleasure in life than sharing seductive glances over an indulgent meal. These are some restaurants that never disappoint.

Sports Date
4 hour minimum

While I may not be a Toronto local just yet, my excitement while watching their teams win will fool you into thinking Toronto has been my home much longer than it has.

Theatre Date
4 hour minimum

Art lovers rejoice! See me in my natural element -- there's a special place in my heart for those who help me indulge in my first love, the performing arts.

Cooking Date
3 hour minimum

Let's get a little messy and stay in. Fresh ravioli, hand rolled sushi, or anything your heart desires. Let's learn to make our new signature dish together.

Winery Date
8 hour minimum

Let's hire a driver and head to Niagara (or elsewhere) to try and change my opinion on Canadian wines. Tasting, sharing and enjoying while enjoying each other. 

A throwback to where my time as Hailey began.

Available for select bookings as a sensual masseuse within the listed time constraints. Please keep in mind the restraints of this booking and plan our time together accordingly.

Dates three hours and more will require time spent outside of bed.

  • 1 hour $500
  • 1.5 hours * $650
  • 2 hours $800
  • 3 hours $950
  • 4 hours $1100

* Requested minimum for first time friends.

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Toronto Raptors Games

My favourite sport, and always a yes in my books. I would be happy to accompany you to any of the Raptors home games, schedule permitting.

Toronto Maple Leafs Games

I may not be a hockey fan just yet, but I’m learning to love it.I would be happy to accompany you to any of the home games, schedule permitting.

Toronto Blue Jays Games

While I may not keep up with baseball stats I am always ready to watch live sports. I would be happy to accompany you to any of the Blue Jays home games, schedule permitting.

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

CLICK FOR MORE INFO | I’ve seen it in New York, now let’s enjoy it together in Toronto. I’ve been on the waitlist for tickets since they announced they were coming to Toronto. Please note this show does have a seizure warning if that impacts your viewing abilities.

Sushi at Home

As an Omakase enthusiast myself, I’ve always dreamed of being able to dabble in sushi making at home. Let’s explore this intrigue together. Allow me to take care of the planning details to ensure the freshest ingredients, this date requires the “concierge service” add-on, or for more extravagance give me a budget.

Pasta Perfection

As an enthusiastic home cook myself, fresh pasta is something I’m very familiar with. Let’s create until our hearts are content, with enough notice I can ensure our dough is ready prior to your arrival. Allow me to take care of the planning details, this date requires the “concierge service” add-on. 

Your Imagination Is The Limit

Is there a greater pleasure than being cooked a delicious meal, while role playing as the sous-chef? You take the lead and control the pace in the kitchen. Bring your own ingredients or send me a shopping list and budget and I can take care of the details.

Aerial Tour + Tasting

From Toronto to Niagara | “The five hour event provides you an opportunity to experience the most spectacular views of the Toronto landscape in a Navajo aircraft and offers you a day excursion to some of Niagara’s award winning wineries including a wine tasting tour.”

Wine Sisters Tour

From Toronto to Niagara | “Sommelier Designed and Led Tours — whether you are looking for an afternoon or a full day, discover Niagara with an expert on one of our premium, sommelier designed and led tours”. We can take a car or a flight, hosted and led by Wine Sisters.