Generosity is Contagious

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but that title in my mind is reserved for those who utilize the lists below. A generous gentleman is always rewarded, whether in admiration or in kisses is up to you.

Please reach out if you purchase anything so I can show my appreciation. 

Money may not be able to buy happiness;

But it does help lead a life of financial freedom which allows me the opportunity to explore all my passions, continue my education while simultaneously allowing my rescue dogs to live the quality of life they deserve.

The best way to support me is by booking in-person dates, especially extended dates. If you’d like to go above and beyond this, or we’re not able to meet in person tipping is also a wonderful way to support me.

My preferred method for this is BTC, which can be done anonymously on both ends. If we’ve met previously we can also discuss PayPal or e-transfer as methods, please reach out over email at

Any of the gift cards in the following categories are wonderful, and well loved as well.

All of the following charities hold significant meaning to me, and would love your support. If you are struggling to choose just one as they are all deserving, food banks are my recommendation.

Guelph Food Bank
Daily Bread – Toronto Food Bank
Ottawa humane society
Ottawa Paw Pantry
Interval House Ottawa – Shelter for women, children & pets

If you’re looking to bring something for us, or simply to add to my collection I am always happy to share a drink and will try just about any wine once as long as its unopened when arriving to me. If you’d like a little more direction for what I tend to like, its following:


For Red:

Barolo and Nebbiolo truly hold my heart, Brunello and Barbaresco are also lovely. If we’re speaking Malbec, I lean Argentinian and for Cabernet Sauvignon please view my specific wishlist to the right for a suggestion. When in doubt, please reach out and give me your budget and I would be happy to pick something up for us as regions and weather dependent years can make or break a wine.

For White & Rosé:

Please no Chardonnay or Riesling, I tend to stick towards dry, low sugar and light. My favourites are French and Italian. Sancerre for white, and Whispering Angel for rosé are always safe bets but I am willing to try just about anything once!

For Champagne:

I love a glass of Champagne at just about any time of the day, a trend you’ll notice with me is my palate leans towards dry. I love flavourful champagnes, or lesser known vineyards for something new to try. While I love a glass of Dom Perignon on occasion, I have preference for better grapes or age in my Champagne. When in doubt, I will love anything but reach out if you’d like suggestions.

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